Consultations are by appointment. 

We have six experienced veterinarians on our staff, with up to 4 working on any one day. As we are open from 8.00am to 6.30pm, the vets work different hours each weekday and are on a shared weekend roster system. During the week two veterinarians are occupied each weekday morning in surgery. For this reason it is important to let the receptionist know if you wish to see a particular vet when scheduling an appointment. When making revisit appointments we would also encourage you to try and book with the same veterinarian as continuity of care is important.



We recommend regular vaccination for both cats and dogs. Which vaccines are used and how often they need to be given needs to be tailored to suit each pet’s circumstances. The vaccination protocols we use are based on the goal of "Vaccinating as many pets as possible as infrequently as is necessary" This is based on the current WSAVA and NZVA recommendations. Feel free to ask one of our veterinarians about your pet’s vaccination program at any time. There is some more detailed information provided in the client information sheets—Cat Vaccination and Dog Vaccination.


Anaesthesia and Surgery

We have two modern anaesthetic systems. This allows us to have two surgeons carrying out surgical, dental, or imaging procedures simultaneously.  We have surgeons experienced in both soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery.





All of our veterinarians are very skilled in desexing (dogs, cats and rabbits).  Your pet will be well looked after with us.  Pain relief, monitoring and patient care are very important to us.  Intravenous fluids are included in all Bitch Spey prices and are a recommended option for Dog Neuters & Cat Speys.




Preventative dental care, and control of tartar formation before gum and periodontal disease occurs, is vitally important in maintaining good general health. Poor oral health can affect many body systems. We have a modern air-driven dental unit very similar to that found in most human dental surgeries, which allows us to efficiently clean teeth and carry out extractions when required. We also have a dedicated dental X-ray Unit and digital processor which provides high quality tooth and jaw imaging.




Digital Radiology and Ultrasound

Our modern digital X-ray equipment enables us to carry out a large range of diagnostic X-rays within the hospital. We use radiography most commonly while investigating lameness, suspected spinal problems and to aid cardiac, chest, or abdominal diagnosis. Dr Iain Malcolm is an experienced ultrasonographer which aids greatly in the diagnosis of chest and abdominal problems.



Laboratory Blood Testing

We have our own in-house laboratory equipment which allows us to carry out pre-anaesthetic and urgent biochemistry and blood cell analysis as an aid in medical diagnostic testing. We also regularly use the local Gribbles Veterinary Pathology Laboratory in Penrose when additional testing or the expert opinion of a clinical pathologist is required.



The Companion Animal Microchip Register has been set up in New Zealand which allows Veterinarians and the SPCA 24-hour access to information for any animal (not just dogs) which is microchipped and registered with the database. This is a separate database from the Auckland City Council database. Note that it is compulsory to microchip all dogs in the Auckland City Council area. Microchipping and the installation of microchip scanning cat doors can be very helpful in preventing stray or neighbourhood cats entering your house.


Export Examinations

Dr Iain Malcolm is licenced to carry out export examinations for pets travelling from New Zealand to Australia. Generally final export examinations for countries other than Australia must be carried out by a Government Biosecurity Veterinarian and the requirements differ for each country. Follow this link to the official website for more information about specific countries and animals:

We are also able to carry out all the procedures to allow licencing of pets for the PETS Passport Scheme for travel to the UK.


Prescription Refills

For animals on long term medication we provide a prescription refill service. However all prescription requests must be checked by one of our veterinarians, so please ring in advance (minimum 24 hours) to have the prescription made up, otherwise you may experience a significant delay waiting at reception for a veterinarian to be free.

It is important to understand that prescription drugs can only be provided to an animal under a veterinarian’s direct care by law. It is our responsibility to ensure that we monitor your pet’s health condition for any changes. For this reason we will periodically request that your pet revisits the clinic for monitoring of the condition when the veterinarian feels it is appropriate.